About Me

About Me

Well. This is it!

My Story.

I want to make it as transparent as possible, but still maintain my privacy. Here we go.

You will also notice that I attach links to the various milestones to give you more in depth stories at those times.

Let’s Go!

Born UK 1966

Parents moved us to Australia. Great move!

First sport, Hockey. Captain Under 10s and Under 12s. Both of these years undefeated. (We almost lost that Under 12s Grand Final. Got a bit cocky and had to pull our heads in.)

Age 14, Lake Macquaire Moto X Champion

Went surfing, chasing girls and playing guitar

Deferred University. (Bachelor of Science. – What ever that was supposed to achieve for me.)

Worked with the old fella setting up Townview Computing. We did pretty well and I got to see first hand the brilliance of my dad. Senior Systems Engineer.

Age 21 Won the Hunter Valley Full Contact Karate Championship.

Age 25, Became the NSW State Profession Boxing Champion. Not much competition around at that time. (Turned down a fight with Kostya Tzu. I did not know who he was. It was his first fight. “Maybe lucky him!”)

This was definitely one of the toughest to achieve. From zero amateur experience, straight into the professional ranks. I achieved No.1 Rank NSW Junior Welterweight and Champion with a 5th Round TKO in the Welterweight Division.

And Kostya signed my belt.

2010 lead my company in Sydney to win the NSW Master Painters Award for Best Difficult Access Project.

2019 and 2020, did it again. Note that these were the only years we entered this competition. Pretty wild work with dozens of guys hanging off a building in harness doing full on trade works.

2021, decided to make a complete change. Sold the business. Sold the warehouse. Moved North to God’s Country and here we are going to stay.

This is phase II of our lives. We have great projects lined up for the next decade and know that we are going to go exponential from here on out.


Simple. We are following our dreams and ambitions. The truest past anyone can take.

Check out my block for snippets of our journey. https://mikeking.com.au/blog/

See you real soon.

Mike King


Nothing is more important than your dreams!