Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Shing Nien Qui Ler!

Easy to remember, but it means a lot when you great someone from Taiwan like that are this time of year.

This was the first time we have had family out here for Chinese New Year time. Maureen’s sister and her all grown children arrived in Brisbane airport about a week ago. It was quite a coincidence as Ting Ting was the driver and because their flight went through China as the first stop, she was required a small document, which accidentally got left on the dresser.

Anyway, of course China were not about to let her go this time. She had to jump a solo flight through Sydney.

She arrived at Ballina with Maureen picking her up and I drove to Brisbane to get the rest of the crew. It was pretty strange. I took a wrong turn to Ipswich. Dam. Chucked a big Uy and back to Brissy South to get back on that motorway.

We pulled into The Farm at Byron for a coffee, then headed on our way.

I had to make a phone call, in fact a video call, and I pulled up at the Evan’s Head turnoff to make the call for 40 minutes. The guys were crashed in their seats while I finished the call.

Then tried to pull out, but it was a no exit entrance. I had to drive across to Wood Burn to get back onto the motorway at the bottom end.

I gave Maureen a call and she said she had Ting Ting and we driving towards the Evan’s Head turnoff. We stayed on the phone and then as I started to run parallel with motorway to the south highway, I got a glance of a white car heading down the motorway. I speak ahead and asked her to slow back a little.

Then as we pulled onto the motorway again, Maureen and Ting Ting snuck right on past us, everyone laughing and so excited. It would be kind of impossible to time unless you were trying. I just took two wrong turns. But turn out they were right!

Next time you take a wrong turn, never know, maybe it is the right one.

Might be a thought that could save yo the frustration.

A few photos of the fun over the bast days.

Chat next time.

Shing Nien Qui Ler!

Until next year.

Mike King

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