Family Battle Plan

Family Battle Plan

We had a little drama the other week with who is supposed to do what, when and how many times and “I am doing more that you” and all sorts of typical healthy family life.

So I though to myself for a moment and said to myself “What re we doing?”

So I called a meeting. As a family, we went over what needed each week and what we can all do to keep the basics in place. I mean, it really is a great feeling after a big week and not only the production is done, but the house is also in order.

This means a great weekend right!

We all listed up everything that we needed to be done, agreed who what going to do what and when and then place it all on the My Dreams App.

The beauty of this is that nobody can hide.

Here you can see the Weekly Summary of the group.

Then the second screen shot showing what I need to get done.

How are we travelling heading into the last day?

Well, looks like Mum has to catch her boys.

Or just have to remind her to tick off her targets.

Set up a free account and give it a whirl:

Cheers, Mike King

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