Pacific Woods Estate

Pacific Woods Estate

This estate is a brilliant piece of aesthetic based in the heard of the Northern Rivers. God’s County Australia.

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What is it that you have really been searching for all of your life? It is the balance between work and pleasure. Too much holiday, just like too much work can actually bring about an unhappy life. But when you find something you love and are able to do such in a place that you love just as much, you have found that balance.

We sometimes don’t realise the cards that we have on the table.

Come and joint us at this magical estate.

The Perfect Balance of Work and Nature!

Pacific Woods Estate by Mike King and Jaydan Watkins.
We took what was about to be another storage shed facility and turned it into this aesthetic bustling estate.

Imagine rocking up to work each day to this. First order of the day, a coffee at your favourite meeting place.

Pacific Woods Estate Cafe. Imagine starting you day with a coffee in this magical environment.

Professional Display, showing your case to the world.

Pacific Woods Estate Factory Units. The perfect dimension for your world class display.

The Man Cave from the Dawn of Time!

The Pacific Woods Estate Man Cave.

The middle units have this very cool rear entrance roller.

The niche rear entrance rollers of Pacific Woods Estate.

Pacific Woods Estate

Secure your piece of God's Country at Pacific Woods Estate.

Feel free to contact me in person to find out how you can reside here with a business that aligns with you.

Mike King

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